Pressing the Reset Button

During any given work week most of my clients share their frustrations at “back-to-back” meetings. No time to eat, go to the toilet or make relevant notes about the last meeting!

They walk into their next meeting still contemplating their last, often taking their mood from one room to another.

They talk about going home to their significant others bringing with them a head full of the days activity.

They sleep with the day in their head, dreaming and processing the day.

They wake up moving forward with the activities of the day ahead.

The problem with this busyness and moving from one thing to another so quickly is that we don’t

get to reflect and process our thoughts. We have limited time to reset.

The ability to reset and to choose how you show up allows your to bring your best self to every encounter.

Practical antidotes include…

  • 45 minute meetings – particularly useful for toilet stops, (!) reflection and resets
  • Walking outside for 15 minutes – to get a broader perspective and fresh air
  • Wake up and wait for a few minutes before jumping out of bed and/or checking your phone – soothe yourself awake
  • Choose to think about each meeting as it finishes. Write down your actions or reactions and then choose your intention for the next meeting.

These are just a few quick ideas.

Please share here your ideas about how you press the reset button.