We all need to make a living but it seems some of us are finding it more satisfying than others

If a recent LinkedIn survey of people under 35 is right, then 64% believe they are having or had a quarter life crisis.

  • 51% believe they have too much choice
  • 29% believe they have wasted time
  • 58% have no idea what to do next

Sound familiar? It’s a pretty strong pattern today for all workers to wonder about ‘what next’ for their career.

The three main reasons given for this “crisis” are:

  1. Social media has made us believe (including LinkedIn) that the rest of the world is way more satisfied and successful than we are and that they don’t do any of the boring stuff that makes us question our own careers. Now we know in our hearts that we all have to do our tax, our admin and have the boring meetings but when faced with a barrage of messages about how amazing it is at every other organisation and every other role then we begin to question reality.
  2. We expect a lot. If someone’s expectations are lower than that which occurs in reality then that person will be happy with the outcome. If you expect more than what reality can deliver then you will be let down. The difference between expectation and reality means you might be feeling disappointed.
  3. The choices are seemingly endless. How do we choose? Choice anxiety can mean that we simply can’t choose. People who KNOW their path as a pilot or nurse or banker are considered blessed as they don’t encounter the anxiety of choosing a career amongst the myriad of options.

So …. how do you find career satisfaction?

Here’s some ideas from us

  • Really really know yourself, your strengths, your values and how you best perform
  • Manage your expectations
  • Remember success isn’t linear and neither is satisfaction
  • Play to your character strengths
  • Plan ahead – you can always pivot
  • Work to live don’t live to work
  • Be curious and curious-er
  • Learn and Grow …… who ever knew a chicken nugget scientist was a job …. no one knows what’s around the corner
  • Get great advice from people you respect and ignore the rest

What’s your view?