Don’t wait to be inspired, be inspirational

Waiting to be inspired by others can be a long and sometimes fruitless task. Waiting for others to be inspiring is a recipe for disappointment. Leaders are required to be inspiring. But sadly this often looks like empty words of praise

“This is the best country in the world”
“We are the most admired”
“They love us”
“We can be the best”

These ‘Trumpesque’ statements don’t actually inspire anyone and instead they feel hollow.

In an attempt to inspire, these empty words don’t accomplish an inspired team or organisation or country, and they often distract us from the things that matter or could inspire us.

To be inspirational is to do so through the very behaviour and character you find inspiring in others.

To be inspiring look to those that have inspired you. I can guarantee it will be someone whose character and virtues have shown themselves through either difficult or challenging times.

When running workshops, team days or executive coaching and I ask my clients who they find inspiring, they will often talk about their family, parent, friend who has lived their life with positive virtues and character.

Jacinda Ardern has inspired many of us recently, her words were not hollow, her character and actions united a country in a time of potential division and she did it with humility and grace.

So to be inspiring, what is it you need to do? What is it you need to say? How will you focus on living a life of positive character so inspiration is a by-product of what you do every single day?