Who do you choose to be at this time?

There are lots of people guessing and predicting the future.

Some of those predictions are a bit weird quite frankly… and some are more obvious, like the new seating in aeroplanes and cinemas. My favourite so far has been the way we are thinking about work and how we approach it. Watch this space for more on that.

The truth is that no one knows what the future holds. No one has a crystal ball and the experts are building predictions from their perspective and the information at hand.

The greatest curiosity for me at this time is leadership. The key question I am asking is ‘Who do we choose to be at this time?’

I pose this question in my webinar “Flourishing Together In Isolation” and the answers that are given to this question are building a wonderful anecdotal database of new thinking.

Over 300 people around the world have answered this question with me live over the last few weeks and here is a summary of their answers. In brackets are the leaders most often sited as demonstrating these characteristics and admired for it.

  • Leaders need to be fact based – no BS allowed (Dr Norman Swan ABC and Sotiris Tsiodras Greek Australian Chief Medical Officer, Greece, the most popular leader in Greece.)
  • Leaders need to use the advice of experts – don’t fake it (Daniel Andrews VIC Premier and Gladys Berejiklian NSW Premier)
  • Leaders shouldn’t be gurus – don’t be a hero (Brad Banducci Woolworths – leading a collective effort and not stealing the limelight)
  • Leaders need to say what they know and think – be honest (Dr Fauci infectious diseases expert and advisor USA)
  • Leaders need to be authentic and empathetic (Jacinda Ardern, NZ Prime Minister and Atlantic Monthly voted Best Leader in the World )
  • Leaders need to remain calm and be consistent (Gillon McLaughlin CEO AFL)
  • Leaders must engage with their people to co-create the future as the ideas and experiences from the troops are often the most informative(Janine Allis, Owner, Boost Juice )
  • Leaders need to be cohesive – this is not a time for partisanship (?)
  • Leaders need to build trust with customers not be marketers (Brad Banducci Woolworths)

These are just a few of the many ideas generated. My question is to you and your teams: Who do we choose to be at this time… For ourselves  For our people  For our customers  For our community.

I hope you stay well and lead well in this time