The Power of a Positive Leadership Credo

There’s a great quote by the legendary leadership theorist Bill George: 

“There are too many examples of how other people lead. There are no examples of what’s authentic to you until you get there. So, you have to search for it.”

 I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of very successful people and help them to form what is know as their leadership credo. A set of guiding principles that anchors their decisions, styles and ultimately the principals they lead with.
Some call it a philosophy, a leadership playbook, an agenda, a compass… I actually don’t mind what you call it but it’s pretty important to your success to have one.
Your leadership credo is your promise to yourself about what you believe in and why. It grounds you when decisions are tough and when competing interests are drawing you in. Imagine you have guiding principles around the way you treat your people and then you are faced with a situation that requires you to reduce your workforce. How you navigate this situation is fundamentally guided by the your values, beliefs and principles. Those values and beliefs and principles are formed through your natural character and experience.
It’s easy to get confused by life and particularly work life. A leadership credo can help you be less confused and more grounded and centred.
Over a decade ago one of the leaders I most respect, and now runs a global entity, taught me about leadership credos when he walked me through his decision making process about a job offer based on his leadership credo. His reasoning was flawless. The experience taught me that the leadership credo isn’t just management speak but a true compass.

As such, I was truly honoured to speak with John Doumani, CEO of Zip Industries recently on the Fast Track Podcast as he shares his how knowledge on how to build a leadership credo that allows you to communicate your principles in a way that engages the hearts and minds of others.