Coach Yourself At Work

It’s important to be able to reflect on how we show up in the world. 

Self-coaching is self-reflection as well as setting goals and actioning them. Self-coaching enables us to curate our future self, who you choose to be. It allows us to think about ourselves and develop ourselves.

Instead of just living in the “rat race” with our everyday experiences shaping us and hoping to become who we want to be, we can use the tools of self-coaching to shape who we want to be.

You are with yourself all the time and if you are conscious of being your best self then it is the everyday changes, actions and reflections that make the difference for the longer term. You build your resilience, your performance, your self-evaluation skills and your wellbeing.

To become the person you want to be requires your intention and attention. It’s not easy but learning self-coaching skills is the enabler.

So the big question really then is HOW? How do we self-coach? It seems like a paradox when coaching is about a partnership. Well, the evidence based coaching psychology tools you apply to coaching others can be applied to coaching yourself. They can be an effective pathway to your personal development.

Dr Sean Oconnor, Director of Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney, explains how to do this on the latest episode of the FastTrack podcast.