How to mediate conflict in the workplace

How to Mediate Conflict in the Workplace

Not many people enjoy conflict, and many of us avoid it as much as possible. We’ve never been taught the skills on how to mediate and feel comfortable with conflict or view it as a normal part of the human relationship cycle – harmony, disharmony then repair. 

Conflict can be one of the most difficult things that a leader has to deal with. It causes unease and disharmony at work, which can lead to decreased productivity and increased absenteeism. Mediation is a way to help parties resolve conflict in an efficient and peaceful manner. There are several mediation styles that can be used depending on the leader’s preferences, what they want mediation for, or who they wish to mediate with.

In this episode of Fast Track, I speak with Nina Harding, a nationally accredited Mediator and expert in the area of dispute resolution, to understand why we hate conflict, what mediation looks like and why it works, and what behaviours and mindsets set us up for successful resolution of complex issues.