Executive Coaching

Find the best in yourself and your team

An evidence based, solution focused approach to developing leaders and achieving goals is delivered by our highly qualified and experienced team. Gram Consulting Group is trusted by recognised brands and blue chip companies across a wide range of industries to increase the performance and wellbeing of their people.


Find the best in yourself and your team.

“Margie is the best coach and facilitator I’ve worked with for the simple fact that her methods are grounded in science and her approach really helps to embed new behaviours.  She’s cracked some of the toughest nuts, no matter the seniority or even their resistance to change. More than anything she’s become the little voice on my shoulder that brings me back to my core… she’s egoless, intelligent, thoughtful and connected.”


Di Everett,  General Manager, Brand and Social, CBA

Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is a goal focused, action based collaboration that assists the coachee to identify their full potential. This is achieved through an adult learning framework in an open environment that aims to encourage solutions and growth.

Gram Consulting Group uses evidence based and solution focused coaching and tools from a variety of sources including the latest scientific research and academic studies on human behaviour, work place culture and performance. The use of self-evaluation and other feedback tools may be utilised if required.

Introduction to Executive Coaching

Why Coach with Us?

We work with our clients to create positive purposeful change on a variety of business and individual challenges . These may include strategy, performance and culture frameworks, communications skills, relationships, personal effectiveness and leadership behaviour and capabilities.

We work with the system and conditions. All of our coaching programs are aligned to the organisational outcomes and clear transparent goal setting is part of this process.

We bring both excellence and diversity to our clients.

From our experience, typical outcomes for executives who commit to Executive Coaching include the following:

  • Improved leadership skills
  • The ability to think strategically in terms of outcomes and capability to deliver outcomes
  • The ability to maximise goal setting skills to prioritise and manage time more effectively
  • Improved perspective taking
  • Increased knowledge and insights.

The coaching sessions will be designated one hour long and held face to face or via phone / virtual channel at an interval that is deemed appropriate. We encourage our clients to book in fortnightly however understand this is not always possible. It is recommended the client allow 15 minutes either side of coaching for preparation and reflection.

Team Coaching

“Undergoing Gram’s Team Coaching program was like taking the hand brake off …. We are now so much more effective, productive and frankly happier as a team”


— Managing Director, Insurance

Team Coaching

The greatest competitive advantage is still effective team work.


Team Coaching is about working with the team together and individually to maximise effectiveness and performance.


The focus is on the whole team (like a sports team) working with one coach individually and collectively. The coach helps the relationships in the team to become more effective through collective awareness. The Coach is able to see how the parts work separately and together and works with the team to enhance the way the team performs and interacts.


Team Coaching is a structured process that unlocks the potential of any team by partnering with that team to understand, empower through process, reflect, design and execute.


Outcomes of team coaching include:

  • Better relationships
  • Improved interactive styles
  • Increased collective awareness
  • Improved awareness of team dynamics
  • Improved productivity and effectiveness
  • Positive Leadership impact on others

Group Coaching


Group coaching is focused on people who come together to be coached towards a goal.

Whereas facilitation is more process oriented, Group Coaching is much more goal focused and requires the bringing together of people who may not be a team but have a common goal. That goal may be shared leadership, building a culture, solving for an issue or something else.


Group Coaching requires a systemic view and follows the GROUP (Goal, Reality, Options, Understanding others, Perform) model.


In our group coaching programs, we present a practical model of GROUP coaching that integrates the well-known GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Way forward) coaching framework with Scharma’s U process for group dialogue, double loop learning and other theoretically-grounded practices.


Talk to us about your needs and we can assess the process or style that’s right for your group.

Leadership Group Coaching

“Our group just couldn’t work out which direction to go in. We weren’t working together well. The Group Coaching allowed us to be really focused and to hold ourselves to account when we deviated. Gram Consulting got us back on track.”


— Managing Director, Hospitality

Coaching Assessments & Debriefs

“The Assessment process was so helpful. It really gave me clarity on what to really focus on and the debrief and integration into real and meaningful goals was so professionally handled.”


— Executive General Manager, Finance

Assessments & Debriefs

Our coaches are accredited in and use a wide range of assessment and diagnostic tools. These can be used to build self-awareness and allow for feedback in a wide range of situations including:

  • Leadership development
  • Team effectiveness
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Programs
  • Leader as Coach

We conduct debriefs with individuals or large groups up to 500+ throughout organisations.


Diagnostic tools and assessments include: 

  • Human Synergistics Lifestyle Inventory LSI. LSI 1 & 2, LI, GI
  • VIA Signature strengths
  • DISC – Thomas International
  • GENOS – Emotional Intelligence
  • HBDI

Our ability to work with in-house assessments has also proven successful.

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