Highly Effective Teams

The greatest competitive advantage is team work.

“Teaming is a way of working that brings people together to generate new ideas and solve problems and find answers. People have to learn how to be a team as it doesn’t come naturally in most organisations”


— Harvard Business Review

Gram facilitates teams to connect to each other in a whole new way

Gram facilitates teams to get the clarity they need

Gram facilitates teams to have the conversations they need to have


Welcome to the modern team that is more connected yet disconnected that ever before. 

Working as a team in this time requires clarity, connection and collaboration. Clarity on what we do and connection in how we do it.

The Gram Team Process has been developed over ten years and been refined and developed to make a positive impact and get results.

Our successes include a team that recently worked with us for over 12 months and achieved the following results:

  • 25% uplift in engagement across the entire region
  • 27% uplift in profit
  • 24.5% uplift in culture scores (OCI)

Individual team leaders report feeling more psychologically safe, higher performing, more confident and able to have deeper more meaningful and relevant conversations with their peers. The group leader reports higher efficiency and effectiveness through constructive behaviours.


For those teams who seek the highest performance and engagement Gram Consulting Group provides an outstanding, original program of work that delivers.


We have a proven track record of sustained team improvement including significant increases in performance, engagement, flexibility, NPS and wellbeing.

“A big thank you for helping us articulate what it is we want as a team. What I took from the program was that everyone understands where we want to get to, but we don’t always know how to say it in a way that supports, encourages and inspires those around us. Armed with our new purpose and vision statement, I’m excited to see what we can achieve as a group in the next three years.”


— General Manager, Finance Company
Device Frame

Our program is based on two key frameworks:

  • Team effectiveness circle
  • Clarity and connection model

Our program works in a 6 stage approach

Stage 1: Design

Custom built programs for achieving specific team outcomes

Stage 2: Diagnostic

Assessments & interviews

Stage 3: Preparation

Workshop prework


 Stage 4: Delivery

Custom built programs for achieving specific team outcomes

Stage 5: Debrief

Ensuring outcomes were met

Stage 6: Accountability

90 day check in ½ day workshop

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