The FastTrack; Career Conversations with Margie Hartley podcast delivers career insights from CEO’s and business leaders who discuss the challenges in advancing their careers and speaks to aspiring leaders about how to overcome these challenges.


The aim of the podcast is to give people access to great information you wished you had where you were in your career.


Each episode covers a different topic to succinctly FastTrack insights and learnings in a meaningful 15 minute discussion. They are a unique and engaging listening experience that people can listen to on their commute to and from work.

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“I love how this podcast brings topics to life with the most stoic approach whilst being informative and open. Margie’s approach is personable and relatable and her advice can be easily applied and remembered. I really like the simplicity of her approach without the need to be ‘popular and fantastic’ like many other coaching podcasts out there. Thank you for being a compass. Simplicity is often the right answer to any complex problem.”