Facilitation & Consulting

Great facilitation is an art, a skill and requires deep experience.

Great facilitation can be the difference between success and failure for a group of people and the outcomes they are seeking.


We have an outstanding track record of adding extraordinary value to teams and groups. We facilitate offsites, team workshops, board meetings, virtual meetings, strategy sessions and more.


Our unique offerings also include:

Think Tanks Program by Gram Consulting Group

Think Tanks

Our think tanks are a unique way to achieve large scale ideation. These sessions bring people together, allow for meaningful ideation and bring energy and engagement and results to the room.

“Taking Innovation from something that you ‘want to do’ to something you ‘can do right now’. This is how I would describe the session I had with Gram. This facilitated session immediately helps participants think differently about what it means to innovate and provides practical frameworks to take away and use immediately.”


–  Senior Banker

Qualitative Reports

These uniquely created reports collect and collate qualitative feedback at scale and create Board ready reports and recommendations. Used by ASX listed companies to understand the real issues at hand these reports are highly regarded.

“A hugely valuable and professional report”



Appreciative Qualitative Reports
Design Consulting

Design Consulting

Our team create, build and design programs, workshops, leadership development and other experiences for your team and organisation. Ask us how.


Mediation is a dynamic, structured, interactive process where we, as an impartial third party, assists team members with internal differences to resolve conflict through communication and negotiation techniques. 


Mediation by Gram Consulting Group

Thought Starter


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