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Who we are is how we lead – Who do you choose to be?

Leadership programs don’t often get the results they promise because they overlook four crucial factors; context, relevance, mindset and a failure to measure results. McKinsey 2014.


At Gram Consulting Group we don’t just set and forget, we partner to build the very best leadership program for you and your people by assessing readiness, understanding context and building capability with you.



Our workshops have been delivered internationally, face to face and via webinar.

Leading Self    

Before we can lead others’ we need to be able to lead ourselves. Self-leadership is having a developed sense of who you are, what you do, where you are going coupled with the ability to influence your communication, emotions and behaviours on the way to getting there.


Self-leadership enables you to better understand yourself so that you can be a more effective and inspiring leader.


“What an amazing day, not only did we learn about ourselves but in the process we learnt so much more about each other. Wish I’d done this years ago”


— International Technology company

Self-leadership Coaching
Leading Others program by Gram Consulting Group

Leading Others

Leading others is more than just leading a team. It is about influence, communication and intent. It is about helping others think and enabling their performance. We stretch the thinking about who we lead and how we impact and grow those around us.


“I knew the basics about leading others and then I did the Gram Leading Others workshop. It opened my eyes to so much more and my people and I are better for it”


— Energy Leader

Leading Teams                     

Teamwork, teaming, working together. The art and skill of working as a team is incredibly challenging. Most people don’t naturally know how to make this happen. In this workshop we offer practical and easy to follow frameworks of Clarity and Connection to help you bring out the best in yourself and your team.


“I finally have the recipe for success when I lead my team. The frameworks were easy to use and understand and I feel confident for the first time in ages.”


— Telco Executive

Device Frame
Leading the Business

Leading the Business for Performance

Leaders are continually being challenged to build and design then execute strategy. How do you future proof your business ? How do you build Capability in your people? How do you best manage resources? What are the best Performance Metrics and Measurement of your business? How does Systems Thinking and Network Analysis support growth?


These questions and more are discussed and answered in this fascinating workshop.

Leading with Resilience                     

Everyone’s talking about resilience but what is it really and how do we build it and sustain and grow it in ourselves and our people? Research shows that ‘advancing despite adversity’ is part of a successful leaders toolkit.


In this outstanding workshop, developed from multiple disciplinary best practice you will discover the domains of resilience, the effective ways to build them and how to leverage the opportunities within your team to grow a resilient culture.


“An exceptional and useful day of great thinking, discussion and practical frameworks”


— General Manager, Banking and Finance

Leading with Resilience
Women in Leadership Program

Women in Leadership

In order to promote greater gender diversity across all levels of the business, organisations need their female leaders to perform well, remain healthy and be involved with the organisation and progress .


Today women face unique career challenges. This program provides women with the necessary skills and knowledge to be a successful leader in today’s environment. It is a highly interactive program utilising a mix of directed discussion, education, reflection, group and pair activity, guest speakers and homework.


“I’ve never been facilitated and led with such insight before 10/10”


– Leader Banking

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