Teams with the Highest Engagement & Performance To This

We should and do expect teams to perform, reach common goals, communicate effectively, be mutually accountable, collaborate, lead, deliver and bring their best possible self to work.

Sustaining and growing the culture, engagement and performance of a team can seem like hard work and often an established culture in a team is hard to change.

Teams need time together in a constructive manner to have open, honest, quality conversations and to continually visit their relational and performance principles and goals.

Here are 5 tips for team development

  1. Establish principles. This is more than a role and responsibilities discussion. This is about the guiding principles that will help shape decisions and behavior
  2. Meet regularly in a round table conversations – round table conversations allow teams to talk about the non operational and tactical work and raise issues and ideas together
  3. Peer to Peer Coach – peer to peer coaching has a potent impact on goal attainment and increased shared understanding. Twenty minutes a week investing in this activity produces rich and valuable outputs.
  4. Be disciplined – teams that meet regularly and understand the principles in which they operate develop habits that produce efficiencies that pay enormous dividends. Teams that try to save time by not practicing their agreed principles in a disciplined way are ironically less efficient and aligned.
  5. Together Feel Valued and Included – the two great engagement principles are fundamentally to feel valued and included. Teams that seek to do this for each other and their teams are ultimately bound by a mutual strength and sensitivity to each others needs and strengths.

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