A good plan is the cornerstone to success

Most people avoid planning because they don’t like having excessive goals that may overwhelm them or they fear thinking too far ahead ….there are many reasons we avoid planning in all aspects of our lives.

Research proves that achieving our goals, planning and being flexible in our approach can lead to a more satisfying life.

I devised the 10 YEAR PLAN because at the very start of all my coaching sessions I want my clients to be able to see the big picture. To zoom out and connect with all aspects of their lives and to define success realistically. This simple process brings so much clarity to my clients and definitely enhances the success of our coaching together.

That’s why I’ve decided to make the 10 YEAR PLAN available to everyone. What better time than now, as we step into 2020 (and the start of a new decade) to take some time and plan out your next 10 years.

We all know that not everything goes according to plan but we do know that we are better able to make decisions if we are connected to the bigger picture.

This simple to use process is not set in stone… it’s yours to work with and on.

The 10 YEAR PLAN consists of an A5 booklet which contains all the instructions you need to complete your planning. When you are ready to get started, your A5 booklet folds out into an A2 size plan, perfect for the office wall.

The price is $24.95… a great Christmas present for yourself that will bring lasting results.