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Find the best in yourself and your team

An evidence based, solution focused approach to developing leaders and achieving goals.

Coaching at Gram often includes a mix of coaching and mentoring. Our experienced coaches know when to move between the role of mentor and coach, when to offer advice, and when to empower the coachee to find their own solutions. This delicate balance of support and challenge, advice and probing, is what has made Gram successful in the coaching space.

We see coaching as a goal focused, action based collaboration that assists individuals and teams to identify their full potential. This is achieved through an adult learning framework in an open environment that aims to encourage solutions and growth.

Gram Consulting Group uses evidence based and solution focused coaching and tools from a variety of sources including the latest scientific research and academic studies on human behaviour, work place culture and performance.


The use of self-evaluation and other feedback tools may be utilised if required.

Gram Consulting Group is trusted by recognised brands and blue chip companies across a wide range of industries to increase the performance and wellbeing of their people.

Our Coaching Offerings

We work with our clients to create positive purposeful change on a variety of business and individual challenges . These may include strategy, performance and culture frameworks, communications skills, relationships, personal effectiveness and leadership behaviour and capabilities.

We work with the system and conditions. All of our coaching programs are aligned to the organisational outcomes and clear transparent goal setting is part of this process. We bring both excellence and diversity to our clients.


Individual coaching sessions are aimed at enhancing leadership development, growth and positive change.


Coaching sessions usually focus on issues related to the workplace, but not to the exclusion of the many inter-personal and intra-personal factors that may impact on work performance.

From our experience,  outcomes for executives who commit to Coaching include improvement in:


Leadership skills

Strategic thinking

Capability to deliver 

Goal setting

Time management

Strategic thinking

Perspective taking


Team Coaching is about working with the team together and individually to maximise effectiveness and performance.


The coach helps the relationships in the team to become more effective through collective awareness. The Coach is able to see how the parts work separately and together and works with the team to enhance the way the team performs and interacts.


Team Coaching is a structured process that unlocks the potential of any team to understand, empower, reflect, design and execute.

Looped Coaching - Gram Consulting Group_

The Looped Coaching Method is the next-generation, iterative

coaching skills development program which offers observation

and feedback of real-time coaching conversations.


It is a way for organisations to develop and embed their leaders’ coaching skills over time, AND simultaneously provide them with

executive coaching.


Looped coaching is held in small peer groups of 3, supervised by highly experienced Coach. 


Each 90-minute virtual session offers the individual an opportunity

to coach peers, be coached, and give feedback.


Coaching Surges are tactical, cost effective, intense bursts of coaching, designed to kick start momentum.


They inject energy into an immediate challenge to enable individuals to see multiple perspectives, hold paradoxes and trial, test and reflect on the best way forward.

Coaching Surges leverage

evidence based coaching skills in an

accessible, innovative, relevant way.


A Coaching Surge is three or six 30 minute coaching sessions, held weekly/fortnightly, to support individuals to create momentum with an immediate and pressing challenge.

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