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Bite sized learning with big results

The perfect platform for time efficient growth and improvement.

Our Masterclasses offer an engaging and efficient way to gain valuable insights and skills through bite-sized learning sessions.


These focused, high-impact workshops are designed to fit seamlessly into busy schedules, allowing participants to quickly acquire new knowledge and practical strategies that can be immediately applied in their roles.


By breaking down complex topics into manageable segments, our Masterclasses make learning more accessible and effective, ensuring continuous professional development without overwhelming time commitments.

Attending leadership masterclasses benefits leaders, their teams, and the organisation by enhancing skills, boosting morale, improving performance, fostering innovation, and strengthening the organisational culture.

Masterclasses are run specifically for a team or organisation (they are not public events) and are scheduled and delivered to suit.

"Our team attended the Gram Accountability Masterclass and since then we have increased our levels of trust, collaboration, and ownership which in turn has significantly improved our productivity and results."

We offer a selection of pre-designed Masterclasses ready for your team, or we can create a bespoke Masterclass to meet your specific objectives.

Topics include...

  • Accountability

  • Creating a Culture of Feedback

  • Deep Listening

  • Effective Decision Making for Individuals

  • Effective Decision Making for Teams

  • Enabling Difficult Conversations

  • Leadership Adaptability

  • Leadership Conversations

  • Team Effectiveness

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