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Foster meaningingful connections across generations

Empowering generations to appreciate each other's strengths

In the increasing complexity of today’s workforce, organisations are facing the

challenge of fostering collaboration and understanding across multi-generations.

The disconnect between emerging and established leaders is marked by differing:

  • Communication channels

  • Leadership approaches

  • Lifestyle expectations

All of which are being exacerbated by generational diversity, technological advancements, and shifting work values. Many organisations are experiencing the impact of this generational gap through:

  • increased complexities

  • distrust of leadership

  • reduced engagement

  • stifled productivity and innovation

  • lack of overall organisational success


In 2024, this challenge looms larger than ever, and its impact will only intensify in organisations that fail to take proactive measures.

Our InterGen Conversations Program is a ground-breaking program

designed to empower leaders at all levels to connect, communicate, collaborate

more effectively, and most importantly, appreciate each other’s strengths.

With a new lens cast on emotional intelligence, relationship building, and adaptive leadership, our program equips participants with the latest tools needed to thrive in an intergenerational workforce.

At the end of the program participants have:

  • Understood the similarities and differences between generations, in the context of future focused leadership

  • Quantified the different sorts of quality conversations leaders need to have

  • Developed a tool kit for multi-level, multi-generational and multi-disciplined leadership conversations


Which enables them to have:

  • Greater appreciation and empathy for all generations

  • Deeper connections traversing generations, building and increasing trust

  • An increase in Quality Conversations leading to more effective outcomes

"I not only learned how to bridge the generation gap but also discovered new ways to incorporate technology into my leadership style. This program not only helped me appreciate the diverse strengths of different generations but also boosted my confidence in leading a multi-generational team more effectively."

Baby Boomer

The Intergen Conversations program is broken up into three modules and can be delivered in time blocks to suit any organisation. During the program, participants will:

  • Gain valuable insights

  • Develop essential skills

  • Foster meaningful connections across generations


  • Gain a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence in today’s landscape, leveraging self-awareness, social and intergenerational dynamics.

  • Cultivate a learning mindset and create an environment of psychological safety  where vulnerability is embraced.


  • Enhance communication skills, build trust, and forge stronger relationships across generations.

  • Explore different communication channels, intergenerational values and learn to adapt your approach for more impactful and more effective conversations.


  • Navigate the evolving landscape of leadership with strategies for delivering personalised leadership experiences while aligning with collective goals.

  • Embrace accountability, harness tension, and cultivate adaptability for increased productivity and engagement.

Business Meeting

"This program not only helped me build stronger relationships across the organisation but also equipped me with the tools to lead more inclusively and collaboratively. One of the most impactful aspects for me was learning how to navigate difficult conversations with empathy and respect, which has greatly enhanced my leadership effectiveness. I now feel more confident to drive positive change and innovation in my team and beyond."

Gen Y

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