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High Performing Teams

The greatest competitive advantage is team work

Welcome to the modern team that is more connected yet disconnected than ever before.

To succeed in a changing and competitive global economy, organisations and their teams must have an unwaveringly clear purpose and a crisply defined ambition. They need agreed values and behaviours and ways of getting things done as well as a collective agreement of the goals and priorities. They need to communicate with respect, challenge constantly and be deliberate in every move.

This is a lot to ask of a group of people who have been placed together by an organisation and who inevitably have different working styles, personal values and ways of achieving results.

To help people perform at their best together it is important to prioritise with time, discipline and money, the deliberate development of teams. Evidence shows that when done well, team off-sites will give the greatest uplift in your team’s collective performance and if it is the most senior leadership team then it will have a dramatic improvement on the organisation’s bottom line.

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Gram’s High Performance Team workshops are the

foundation for future growth for all teams. They are a dynamic opportunity for a team to view the past, the present and begin to co-create and align on their future.

During the program, the Team Effectiveness Circle is used to understand the component parts of building a team.

The key objective for Gram’s High Performance Teams process is to become a unified, engaged and high performing team. We achieve this through:

  • Creating clarity and a shared sense of purpose, ambition, leadership goals, mindset and ways of working

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities

  • Building strong connections, accountability and understanding

  • Developing greater self-understanding as individuals and the subsequent impact on others

  • Building confidence in having quality leadership conversations

"This workshop helped us articulate what it is we want as a team. Everyone understands where we want to get to, and now we know how to say it in a way that supports, encourages and inspires those around us."

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