Coaching, Facilitating, Consulting & Speaking

Relationships are our business

We offer world class individual, team and leadership development.

Coaching, Facilitating, Consulting & Speaking

Relationships are our business

We offer world class individual, team and leadership development.


Gram Consulting Group is a community of facilitators, evidence based coaches, academics, organisational psychologists and highly experienced humans who live by the motto “relationships are our business”.

Our starting point is a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Our end point is always about delivering results in a sustainable, meaningful and relevant way.

We facilitate positive purposeful professional and personal growth for all our client enabling people and the businesses to realise their full potential.

Our art is curating material in a way that is relevant, useful and engaging for you and your team. We have an extensive toolkit of content that can be applied where and when relevant. We really believe that in today’s content heavy market it is ALL about curation and evidence based practice.



In these ever-changing times, we continue to deliver high class services virtually. Adapting our delivery to suit an organisation’s preferred platform, we use collaboration tools and breakout rooms to create the same “offsite experience” our clients are used to.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching enables positive and pragmatic change as well as building on stability and strength.


Find the best in yourself 

Executive Coaching
Highly Effective Team Coaching

Highly Effective Teams

Teams face consistent challenges of change, external pressures and a drive for results.


Discover our proven program to build better teams

Leadership Development

Leadership is character… not superficial style. It takes time, discipline and openness to change.

We deliver highly effective learning experiences with lasting impact.

Leadership Development Program
Leader as Coach

Leader as Coach

To be an effective leader is to be an effective coach


APS Award winning Program that changes the way you lead and interact and the way your organisation leads.

Benefits of
working with us

Relationships are our business.

We Listen

When an organisation chooses to work with us we deeply listen to understand the needs of all stakeholders and then deliver results. We care about the impact on people and performance

We Align

We purposefully align any work with the organisation’s values, culture, leadership behaviours and vision.

We Empower

We create meaningful and sustainable change. That means we want you NOT to need us. It means we taken an active role in enabling and empowering individuals, teams and organisations to flourish from within. It means you are the experts in your organisational life and we enable it to grow, develop and flourish.

We Match

Gram is a community of dedicated professionals who truly love the work they do. Our network of highly expert and experienced professionals means that we can successfully match our expertise with your needs.

We Build

Creativity is not about painting over the old or deconstructing what exists. It’s about working with the core positive force and building on what’s strong, not just fixing what’s wrong. Our team help to bring that positive life force back to individuals and teams across the organisation.

Who we work with

10 Year Plan

A good plan is the cornerstone of success


The Gram Ten Year Plan is a tool to help individuals outline the facts, the aspirations and the landscape of their life. This enables a simple way to prioritise and create change where wanted and to keep stable the parts of our life we don’t want to change.


Facts can sometimes clash with dreams. This simple and effective method gives individuals and their partners the opportunity to curate their best life with their feet firmly planted on the ground.

The Gram Ten Year Plan

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